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15 Apr 2016
Culture Leadership | 2 min read

Hey, Boss, When Was the Last Time You Gave an Employee a Compliment?

It’s Monday morning and everyone at the office is sitting in our commo...

17 Feb 2016
Leadership Surveys | 2 min read

How to Design a Great Survey - 10 Practical Tips

  A good survey is a great source of data. Survey questions play an im...

12 Feb 2016
Culture Leadership | 5 min read

17 Tips for a Winning Company Culture

A winning company culture is a hot topic at the moment and for good re...

18 Dec 2015
Culture Success Leadership | 4 min read

10 Rules for Building A Company by Guy Kawasaki

I recently watched Guy Kawasaki’s presentation The Top 10 Mistakes of ...

25 Nov 2015
Inspiration Leadership | 5 min read

How to Awaken the Champion Within You - 3 Inspirational Stories

02 Nov 2015
Culture Leadership | 1 min read

Divide and conquer

Motivated and enthusiastic staff is the best thing an entrepreneur can...

14 Oct 2015
Culture Leadership | 2 min read

Enthusiastic Staff is the Best Marketing of Your Company

Some time ago one of my colleague came to the office super excited. He...

12 Oct 2015
Leadership | 3 min read

A Good Leader is a Great Listener

The feeling of being appreciated and loved leads to an everlasting cha...

30 Jun 2015
Leadership Surveys | 2 min read

Forget About Checkboxes! 5 Tips For Creating Modern Surveys

You’ve quite certainly, at least one time, given your response to a tr...

21 May 2015

How to Measure Enthusiasm at Your Workplace - and Why?

Enthusiasm, flow, freedom, passion, love, zest… the harmonious energy ...

06 May 2015
Leadership Surveys | 1 min read

Interview with the City of Oulu: ”ZEFsurvey lights the way"

The City of Oulu has used ZEFsurvey actively for years. We interviewed...

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