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06 May 2016
Sales and marketing | 2 min read

[Video] Why Inbound Sales? An Interview with Dan Tyre from HubSpot

At the end of April, I spent 2 weeks in Phoenix, Arizona meeting inbou...

21 Apr 2016
Sales and marketing | 4 min read

Sales Rep, This is How You Can Prepare for and Commit Your Customer to the First Sales Meeting

A study by the polytechnic university Haaga-Helia found that sales rep...

15 Apr 2016
Culture Leadership | 2 min read

Hey, Boss, When Was the Last Time You Gave an Employee a Compliment?

It’s Monday morning and everyone at the office is sitting in our commo...

14 Apr 2016
Sales and marketing | 2 min read

How to Commit Your Customers to the Sales Meeting and Double the Close Rate

Buying behavior has changed through digitalization. However, compared ...

16 Mar 2016
Sales and marketing | 4 min read

4 Steps for Doubling Your Close Rate with an Interactive Pre-Meeting Survey

Because of digitalization, the sales process has changed. Customers ha...

10 Mar 2016
Sales and marketing | 6 min read

Jacob Simkovich - Personalized Videos: Avoiding Static Shock

  I’m going to begin by making two very confident and somewhat obvious...

03 Mar 2016

How to Generate High Quality Leads

These days sales and marketing have transformed from having been two s...

26 Feb 2016

Interactive Content is the New King

How can you make your content stand out from the mass of blog articles...

25 Feb 2016

Selling is About Attitude - 5 Tips for Getting Better Results

I have often wondered how two sales representatives selling exactly th...

17 Feb 2016
Leadership Surveys | 2 min read

How to Design a Great Survey - 10 Practical Tips

  A good survey is a great source of data. Survey questions play an im...

12 Feb 2016
Culture Leadership | 5 min read

17 Tips for a Winning Company Culture

A winning company culture is a hot topic at the moment and for good re...

18 Jan 2016
Elections | 4 min read

Top 3 News Trends for Elections in 2016

The new year is well underway and it comes with many interesting elect...

04 Jan 2016
Inspiration | 6 min read

6 Tips for Catching Your Dream Job

Searching for a job has become a real hunting game, and digitalization...

18 Dec 2015
Culture Success Leadership | 4 min read

10 Rules for Building A Company by Guy Kawasaki

I recently watched Guy Kawasaki’s presentation The Top 10 Mistakes of ...

17 Dec 2015
Sales and marketing | 6 min read

Traditional Marketing is Broken

This is what Mikko Seppä said in his speech at the Modern marketing ev...

14 Dec 2015

VotingAid helps millions of Spanish voters to compare parties before the Dec 20th Elections

Are you voting in the Spanish general election on December 20th? Or ar...

03 Dec 2015
Sales and marketing | 3 min read

Ville Tolvanen's Interview: Personal Branding Increases the Value of Your Company

Ville Tolvanen, Forbes Top 3 Influential CMO, says that the term "pers...

25 Nov 2015
Inspiration Leadership | 5 min read

How to Awaken the Champion Within You - 3 Inspirational Stories

02 Nov 2015
Culture Leadership | 1 min read

Divide and conquer

Motivated and enthusiastic staff is the best thing an entrepreneur can...

14 Oct 2015
Culture Leadership | 2 min read

Enthusiastic Staff is the Best Marketing of Your Company

Some time ago one of my colleague came to the office super excited. He...

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