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Written by Mari Paasovaara, Customer Success Manager
on January 08, 2021

Last time I wrote about why we need Zeffi? Short recap. 

In a good Business strategy we need to focus on a few main things and I point out 3 of them. Those three are; Customer Satisfaction (NPS), Employee Satisfaction and Value Creation (decision making). Without knowing the answers, it is impossible to make good business decisions.

  • We need to know how our employees are doing. (When they are happy, then customers will be too)
  • We need to find out how our customers are doing. We need to contact our current customers, customers who have left and who might be the potential customers.
  • And last but not least, Do we create value from them? 

In addition to surveys,  our customers use Zeffi for many different purposes, such as recruitment or product selectors.

When recruiting, we can first ask about the applicant’s background and finally ask him or her to submit a resume or video greeting.

You can test  recruitment survey here


Zeffi’s free stress test illustrates whether the challenges experienced are possibly related to technology, conditions, tools, etc. We can’t directly influence everything, but we can influence how these factors are taken into account in terms of doing things together.

Try here: (only in Finnish) Stress test


Zeffi can also be used as a product or service selector. It can be used to find out customers’ needs and direct them to the right product or service. There can be several end solutions, suitable for each customer. 

Here is an example of Business Finland’s service selector: Business Finland test

One really cool way to do this is to use a pop up window. Would you like to use Zeffi this way?


Finally, you can also create fun, playful tests with Zeffi. This is about how well do you know xmas songs. Click here:  Xmas songs




Contact us to hear more,

Mari Paasovaara

Customer Success Manager





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