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24 Aug 2020

Why Zeffi?

Why Zeffi?   I'll tell you why. In a good Business strategy we need to...

24 Mar 2020

Zef tool has many opportunities!

we are now in a phase where most of the meetings, courses and training...

03 Sep 2018

GDPR & Surveys - What to Keep in Mind

Surveys are used to collect different kinds of data about, for example...

06 Feb 2018
| 3 min read

What If Happiness Was the #1 Measure of Work Success?


23 Jan 2018
Surveys | 3 min read

8 Survey Trends for 2018


18 Jan 2018
Human resources | 7 min read

31 Million People Tell You How to Fuel Enthusiasm at Work

  This blog is based off of an ongoing Gallup meta study, “The State o...

12 Jan 2018
Surveys Human resources | 4 min read

What if Your Next HR Survey isn't Anonymous?


05 Jan 2018
Surveys | 7 min read

Why People Are More Likely to Take a Beautiful Survey

We often get asked by customers if the look of a survey actually has a...

19 Dec 2017
Surveys | 2 min read

Survey Tips 101

It’s common to get a survey tool, use it once for a specific purpose a...

14 Dec 2017
Interactive content | 3 min read

The Real Reason Interactive Content Will Double Your Marketing Success

    Incase you haven’t heard, Interactive content is the most effectiv...

08 Dec 2017
| 3 min read

5 Tips For Avoiding Response Bias

Previously, we published a blog post that explained the practical and ...

30 Nov 2017

Response Bias: A Down To Earth Explanation


22 Nov 2017
Surveys | 4 min read

5 Tips to Simple, Smarter Customer Surveys

So, you're ready to start collecting customer data. Congratulations! D...

21 Nov 2017
Case Studies | 2 min read

St. Gallen University Uses ZEF Survey Tool to Save Time and Money

  St. Gallen uses the ZEF survey tool for a variety of creative time a...

09 Nov 2017
Press Release | 1 min read

ZEF’s Voting Aid at the Center of the Icelandic Parliamentary Elections

After the unforeseen dissolution of Althing, the Icelandic Parliament,...

02 Nov 2017
Human resources | 5 min read

How to Measure Employee Engagement for a Better Workplace

You might already know that creating a happier and more engaged workpl...

26 Oct 2017
Surveys | 6 min read

Should Your Next Survey be Anonymous or Not?

  This is an essential question to ask yourself before you start colle...

17 Oct 2017
Culture | 7 min read

10 Steps to Healthy Company Culture

There’s a lot of buzz about company culture these days. Happy employee...

10 Oct 2016
Sales and marketing | 4 min read

How Neuroscience and Conversational Intelligence are Driving the Future of B2B Sales

The best jokes are the ones that have a bit of truth at their root. On...

03 Jun 2016

How to Motivate Your Sales Reps for Greater Results Through Customer Understanding

Executives continuously look for clever ways to encourage their sales ...

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